Creator of All

God is the giver of all life. There is nothing that God did not create. The Lord God is the creator of the universe and our planet Earth. God brought the billions of stars into existence by the mere power of His word.

God is the creator of all the animals and plants on the earth. The Lord is the creator of all human beings. God is also the creator of the unseen realm; God created vast hosts of angels.

God is involved in His creation. GOD IS ACTIVE in the world every single day. God holds everything together.


Genesis 1:1

Isaiah 45:12

Live It


Every human being is precious and valuable to God because everyone is made in God's image.

This means that you are loved by God. You can be confident that God has a plan for your life!

Even if you find it difficult to believe, stop for a moment and pray the following:


PRAYER . . .

"Father God, I am amazed at your creation! From the smallest insect to the stars in the sky, you are the great Maker of all. Thank you for holding all things together and for being active in my life today.

I come to you in prayer simply declaring out loud that you are the Great Creator God!

Please create new desires within me and help me live for you. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen."

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