Earthly Life

For more than 30 years - Jesus grew, lived a simple life, and worked as a humble carpenter.

Jesus began His ministry at the age of 30. His follower's (called disciples) were mostly fisherman and common people. They were young, some were even teenagers.

Jesus spent much of His time with the "sinners" - the prostitutes, those addicted to alcohol, the sick, and with beggars. He cared for them, He loved them; Jesus was kind and generous and His love changed them.


Matthew 9:11-13

Matthew 9:36

Live It


Isn't it amazing that Jesus was both God and man? He lived a perfect sinless life, in full obedience to God.

Yet there were times that He was hungry, cold or lonely. He scraped His knee playing with friends. He felt pain. He laughed, He cried. He loved those around Him. He lived a fully human life.


PRAYER . . .

"Jesus, help me to remember that you lived a perfect life. Help me to learn how to follow your perfect ways. Help me also to remember that you can sympathize with my suffering. You are such a good friend to me! Thank you!"

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