God Knows All

There is nothing hidden from God. He knows your every thought and the deep desires of your heart.

God knows you better than you could ever know yourself because He made you! In fact, God even knows the actual number of hairs on your head. Isn't that AMAZING?

Through prayer, you can submit to God's perfect plan for your life because He loves and cares for you.

You are safe in the love of Jesus.


Matthew 6:7-8

Psalm 44:21

Luke 12:6-7

Live It

A.2. GOD KNOWS ALL . . .

What secrets do you hold on to? The Devil (the enemy of God) loves to deceive people into thinking they cannot bring their secrets to God. The truth is, you will begin to experience freedom, forgiveness, and new life as you surrender your secrets to God.

Remember, Jesus knows everything already. You will not surprise Him with anything!

Stop where you are right now and surrender the secrets of your heart to God. He is trustworthy and full of love; His love for you far exceeds your sins. He delights in you even though you are imperfect.


PRAYER . . .

"Father God, thank You for knowing what I need even before I ask You. Help me not be deceived into thinking that I should hide from You. You see all things and know every secret of my heart. I confess these secrets and receive Your forgiveness, cleansing, and love today. Thank You for the new life I have in You! In Jesus Name I pray, Amen."

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