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Each week the prayer letter email shares with you prayer requests from Global Media Outreach, give different web site links, testimonies, and scriptures. You can sign up to receive the prayer letter in your email by signing up here.

  • 3 Facts About Being a Child of God

    by Joy Jan 22, 2015

    What exactly is this new identity we have in Christ Jesus? Here are three things that happen when you become a child of God.

  • God Will Forgive Anyone

    by Hope Jan 15, 2015

    What was your life like before you accepted Jesus and asked Him to save you?

  • Do You Need Salvation?

    by Hope Jan 8, 2015

    So what can you do when you realize you have sinned?

  • Jesus: A Story of Sacrifice

    by Dan Lee Dec 18, 2014

    Before Jesus came to Earth, he lived in Heaven. In Heaven there is no sin and angels praised Him all day. Because Jesus loves us, He willingly gave this up and set aside His power to become a tiny, helpless human baby. This is where the story of sacrifice begins.

  • Renewed Life with the Holy Spirit

    by Hope Dec 18, 2014

    After His resurrection, Jesus promised to send His Holy Spirit to teach and guide His followers. We who follow Him today have inherited this promise: the Holy Spirit lives within us, guiding us in God’s new life each day.

  • New Year, New Life

    by Hope Dec 18, 2014

    What is the worst sin you can imagine? Whatever your sin, God has proved He is willing to forgive even the worst sin as long as you repent (agree that your sin is wrong and ask forgiveness) and start following the Lord. By doing this, God can make you a new person in the new year!

  • 5 Names of Jesus

    by GodLife Dec 11, 2014

    There are many different names of Jesus throughout the Bible. Let’s take a look at five of the most common names of Jesus and see what they teach us about who He is.

  • 3 Ways the Coming of Jesus was Foretold

    by Joy Dec 4, 2014

    There are more than 300 prophecies about Jesus (the Messiah) in the Old Testament. Jesus fulfills every prophecy! Since it’s the Christmas season, let’s take a look at 3 ways the coming of Jesus was foretold.

  • Do You Have to Go to Church?

    by Joy Nov 24, 2014

    There are church services on television and the Internet. But is it ok to stay at home and watch a church service? Or do we have to go to a physical church building? Let’s find out the true meaning of church.

  • How to Be Thankful When Life is Hard

    by Joy Nov 20, 2014

    The Bible encourages us to be thankful at all times. But how do you thank God when you feel like nothing but bad things are happening in your life?

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