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  • Bible Terms: Understanding God

    by Luis Palau

    According to pollster George Gallup Jr., "Americans revere the Bible, but -- by and large, they don't read it." As a result, many don't know...

  • Daily Bread: A Rock Solid Foundation

    by Luis Palau

    Do you ever wonder what it takes to please God? It couldn't be clearer than in Proverbs. Ask God to give you a willing heart as you...

  • Communion with God

    by Luis Palau

    Some years ago a doctor asked an elderly Christian woman in England, "If I asked God for five pounds, would I get it?" The old woman...

  • How to Study the Bible

    by Luis Palau

    Christians sometimes neglect studying the Bible because they lack a simple, practical method that makes Bible study...

  • 5 Ways God Answers Prayer

    by Luis Palau

    Over the years, I've discovered from Scripture and experience that God loves to answer our prayers. Here are five of his...

  • Connect to God and Change Lives

    by Amy Weimer

    Did you know that you are an artery? A weird concept, but a true one. An artery connects the heart with the rest of the parts of...

  • Just How Much Does Jesus Think You're Worth?

    by Amy Weimer

    I’ll give you this if you give me that. That’s a basic summary of a deal. What you're willing to give for what I'm willing to...

  • How to Have Life-long Love with God

    by Amy Weimer

    When two people are in love, it doesn’t matter where they are—as long as they’re together. That kind of love can last even after the initial...

  • God's Love Song for You

    by Amy Weimer

    Have you ever heard of a couple having “a song?” You know, maybe it's the one they first danced to, or the one they...