New Life

God has a new life available to you through His Spirit. Find out how to be filled with God's Spirit and see your life radically transformed here.

  • Guilt Be Gone

    by Luis Palau

    The Lord Jesus Christ can relieve you from the burden of guilt you are bearing. Here's how...

  • When Pain Actually Helps You

    by Amy Weimer

    Have you ever had a splinter removed? Man, it is painful. But what is more painful is keeping the splinter in there. A little bit of intensified...

  • Do You Feel Like a Diamond in the Rough?

    by Amy Weimer

    We all know the description, “A diamond in the rough.” Usually, it is talking about that bad guy or girl who has lots of potential...

  • What to Do While You're Waiting for Jesus' Return

    by Amy Weimer

    Someday my prince will come. This is the heart cry of every girl and every fairytale story: A girl waiting for that...

  • God will Always Give You More of His Spirit

    by Amy Weimer

    Don't you love getting free refills? It's the worst when you go somewhere and buy a drink, knowing that you only have...

  • How to be Completely at Peace

    by Amy Weimer

    Have you ever seen the peaceful, rolling stream of a river? Studies show that being out in nature actually has a positive...