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Without a Pastor

How can you be saved without a pastor to lead you?

How can I be saved without a pastor to lead me?

Pastors are indispensible to the ordering, teaching, development and growth of groups of believers. The Bible gives much latitude to who can serve as a pastor, with the main qualifications pertaining to character and conduct more than rigorous theological training. Other terms used in the Bible for those in church leadership have a near-identical meaning to “pastors”—for example “bishops,” “shepherds,” and “overseers.”

Today you can find effective pastoral leaders among those overseeing groups of young people, or women leading community Bible studies or even business leaders with “shepherd’s hearts” influencing the spiritual development of their employees. The point here is to encourage you to broaden your view of who is called to spiritual oversight in your life. That person may not be the pastor of a church in the conventional way.

As vital as the role of a pastor is, you can be saved without being led by a pastor. Today there are remarkable and frequent stories of people, especially Muslims, who have experienced a miraculous and personal encounter with Jesus—perhaps in a dream or an overwhelming sense of the Lord’s presence. That experience has led them to salvation. Others have come to salvation while reading the Bible. A member of our family became a believer by reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. Multitudes have accepted Christ reading More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell or by watching the inspired movie, The Jesus Film.

And then there is the internet. Every day over one million people worldwide initiate a search on topics of spiritual significance using Google or another search engine. More than one in ten who land on a website presenting a clear explanation of the gospel message indicate a decision to become a follower of Christ. Maybe you are such a person!

Take from these comments an enlarged view of God, One who deeply wants to establish a vital, saving personal relationship with you and each person on earth. He is a God who will go to extraordinary, innovative and unexpected means to reach every heart that is open.

This article means that YOU can lead people to Christ, even if you're not a pastor! How do you feel about that? Talk to a caring Christian about it.

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