Weekly Devotional

Every week the devotional gives you a key scripture, encourages you in your walk with Jesus, extra resources and a guidance for praying that week.

No More Tears

Throughout your life, you will have many reasons to shed your tears.

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Being God's Ambassador

The world is not our home; we have an eternal one in Heaven!

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Missions in Your Field

When we are spiritually prepared and have identified where to do His work, God can use us to minister to those around us.

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Choose Your Friends

Have you ever depended upon a friend? If not, you can certainly trust Jesus.

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Relationships: Give and Take

We first turn to God because we need Him. But our relationship should not be built on us asking for things all the time, without listening.

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Our Lives Are Examples

We should strive to live in such a way that non-believers will want the love we have.

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