Weekly Devotional

Every week the devotional gives you a key scripture, encourages you in your walk with Jesus, extra resources and a guidance for praying that week.

Why Does God allow Bad things to happen to Good people?

It is hard to understand how a good and loving God can allow bad things to happen to his children.

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What is the Purpose of Trials in Our Life?

We have false expectations if we believe that good deeds are always rewarded, and evil is always punished in this life.

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Trials Allow Us to Comfort Others

Why does God put His children through such terrible situations? Is there a purpose for our trials?

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How to Have a Relationship with God

Does going to church or giving to the poor make you a Christian?

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How to Be Confident You Are Going to Heaven

If you die today, do you think you are going to heaven?

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Should You Feel Different After Accepting Christ?

Some people have a big, emotional event while others might grow in faith gradually. Emotions can be misleading, so let’s see what the Bible says happens after you accept Jesus.

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