Help for Your First 30 Days

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[The] decision, when I yielded my life to Jesus, transformed me in ways I could not possibly have imagined. If I'm not mistaken, you have taken a similar step -- indicating a decision to follow Christ as a result of visiting one of several Internet websites that tell the message of God's love and present the way toward personal transformation.

Studies indicate the critical importance of what happens in the days immediately following a new spiritual birth. If you get a good start, the benefits can sustain you the rest of your life. You want to understand what has happened and establish new ways of thinking and behaving in order to grow, become spiritually healthy and impact the lives of others.

On day one after your commitment to follow Jesus you may not feel any different. Don't let your feelings obscure this one major fact: a huge transition has taken place! It will take time -- maybe a lifetime -- to fully appreciate the ramifications of turning your life over to Christ -- both now and for eternity. It still overwhelms me to realize that God Himself met me as a lost, self-willed, and self-sufficient young man. The Author of all creation reached out to me, accepted me into His family and showed me His unconditional love. And that love has never diminished for a single moment since.

By John Beckett, experienced believer and successful businessman.

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