Is There Universal Truth?

Is truth simply left up to the individual? Or are there universal truths that bind us all together? A book claiming to hold such universal truths is today the most-read, most-examined, most-quoted of all books. Can it be trusted? Do its teachings correspond with reality? Is it, as it claims, a revelation of a transcendent God? Is there a way to know?

The God it presents is extravagantly merciful. It records how people continually turn away from Him, yet He still shows mercy and grace to them, and continues to love and lead them.

Even today, God continues to be merciful. Our lives can be filled with pain, frustration and loss, but also experience beauty, comfort and pleasure. Though He knows that we all violate His standards and our own, He extends His free invitation to become reconciled to Him.

God’s amazing compassion and immeasurable love was made real and accessible to us through His Son, Jesus Christ. His life, which was 2,000 years ago, was marked by love and sacrifice and free of hypocrisy. He fully invested Himself in His beloved Creation as a way to redeem us. Jesus, who was holy and innocent, sacrificially took the penalties for our mistakes. Becoming our representative and being condemned in our place was the only just way to offer freedom to the guilty. By rising from the dead three days after His death, He proved the truth of His promises as well as His power over death.

That’s how much God loves you and me. He sacrificed something as precious as His own Son in order to give us the chance to be forgiven and welcomed into His family.

Jesus said the entire Bible was written about Him. He said that those who trust in Him "would not perish but have eternal life."

This God is someone worth following and submitting our lives to. We all submit to some sort of authority in our lives. And this God is the absolute best authority to submit to. He does not use His authority to force people to become mindless, blind followers of Him. Instead, He overflows with mercy and wisdom for those who follow Him and is the best example of sacrificial love for us to follow.

When you accept Jesus as your Savior, there is nothing that can take that away. If you would like to begin following Him now, you can start by praying something like this:


"Jesus, thank you for your
mercy and compassion to me. I do
want to know you. I believe you
died and rose again so that I could.
Thank you for welcoming me into
your family. Amen."

Did you pray this prayer?