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Kaká: “Without Jesus, I can’t do anything.”

“It may seem that I have everything,” he says. “Due to my wealth and fame, some people ask why or if I still need Jesus. The answer is simple: I need Jesus every day of my life. His Word, the Bible, tells me that without Him, I can’t do anything. I really believe that.”

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How to Live in Harmony With Fellow Believers

What makes for healthy fellowship?

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How God Heals You

When God heals a man from the inside out, He makes him a whole person.

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You Have What it Takes to Get Through This Season

With these three steps, we can have the boldness to defy the gloom

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If God Exists, Why Does Life Hurt So Much?

There’s so much evil in the world. Does it disprove God?

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One Man's Death Every Man's Guarantee

Hope for a "new world" must rest in God, not man.

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