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Sharing at Every Opportunity

We can show we care by letting others know about Jesus, every chance we have, so they can share a joyful eternity with the Lord, too.

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You are a Full-Time Minister of God

Wherever Christians are -- even if it’s a region in which no-one else can know you follow Jesus – God can use you to bless others.

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Are You Wrong?

Has peer pressure ever gotten the best of you -- have you done something you know is wrong, just because you think your friends wanted you to do it?

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Sharing Jesus with Everyone

How can I show everyone God's love?

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The Power of a Testimony

One of Jesus' most famous cross-cultural encounters involved a woman in Samaria.

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How Will You Lead?

What is the very best way you can share God's love with those close to you, and other people you encounter?

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